At yesterday’s Beverly Bike CX event a decision was made concerning course changes that unfortunately impacted our Cat 1/2 women in a negative way. While we do the best we can to provide individual race directors with the tools and information they need to make the best decisions possible for everyone at their races and on behalf of the cup, this particular situation was highlighted by some Cat 1/2 women as an area for improvement.
To ensure this sort of situation does not happen in the future, we at the CCC are committed to these standards going forward:
  • There will not be any “pro-only” course features. There may be shortened course options for Junior 9/14 and Cat 4/5 (women and men) fields at the discretion of the race director, USAC officials, and CCC series.
  • Men Cat 1/2/3, Women Cat 1/2, Women Cat 3/4, and all other adult fields including masters, single speed, and standard categories except Women 4/5 and Men 4/5 will race the same course as long as conditions allow.
  • Information about any Day-Of course changes will be communicated clearly to all participants in advance so racers understand the full scope of the situation clearly and so they have an opportunity to have their concerns heard.
As always, we welcome any direct feedback to us at
-Becky Mikrut