Jack   W4

  • From everything we heard and saw Randall Oaks was a resounding success. Results and links are here but we are still working out a few discrepancies. Hold tight and we’ll have everything fixed in a few days and certainly before next Sunday.
  • Next up the CCC heads to Barlett, IL for the always windy sufferfest fantastic ABD Sunrise Park.
  • Remember if you want 1/2  your CCC series points to follow you to the next category you MUST upgrade this week before the next race. And by before the next race we mean before Thursday night when online pre-reg closes. Submit your upgrade through USACycling.org and then forward your confirmation email to us at ChicagoCrossCup at gmail.
  • Regarding upgrades, there is no glory in being a sandbagger and being that guy/gal no one appreciates being in the race because they are racing below their true achievement level. Remember there are
    and the series can and will point out mandatory upgrade candidates to the USAC upgrade coordinator. So if you are a Cat 3 or 4 (man or woman) do the right thing and upgrade when appropriate.
  • And finally… just a reminder the comments section of this website is public and while we are not in the business of censorship we reserve the right to reject any comments we wouldn’t read alou to our grandmothers. You can still disagree with someone without being a jerk, so please keep the language clean and civil