– See general info on the preview page here.

 – Preliminary staging will be posted here.

Numbers on the LEFT! fold the corners, pin through twice and use scotch tape to reinforce your pin job. don’t let your significant other pin you, they will probably mess it up.

– First Aid is next to Officals Tent at Start/Finish
One2Go REvent Services will be keeping lap times and emailing results.
Dave’s Slow Food will have breakfast in the AM, and lunch around… lunchtime! Vegetarian and vegan options available!
Heritage Coffee will be serving coffee out of their truck somewhere near the flyover.
WD-40 will be giving out samples and The Pony Shop will be there to help wash bikes! They are doing this out of the radness of their hearts and are not obligated to wash anyone’s poopy pants. Drop a tip in the jar to help Axletree improve cycling in Illinois!
Kid’s Race at 2pm! Parents need to sign an Axletree waiver. Kids will go off in waves approximate to their skill/size. everyone is a winner!
Schedule Change: The Single Speed category will start two minutes before the Jr 15-18. Slower single speeders, please make way for the fast juniors and give them encouragement! Race vicariously through them.
– The top Male and Female Single Speed racers get a Golden Ticket for a free, guaranteed entry into the SSCXWC on October 24-25 in Louisville, KY, racing at Eva Bandman Park the day before their Halloween race! Lots of opportunities for fun the weekend of October 26http://sscxwc14ky.com/
– The course: similar figure-8 as last year, but all the turns will be different. The track runs UNDER the flyover first, then OVER. The equipment pit is double-sided, right-handed entry, but you must cross the course near start/finish to access. BYO support staff.  Officials and medical tents will be on the basketball court at the S/F line.