– #CarpenterCX and more on the preview page. Preliminary staging will be posted here Friday morning but Saturday’s results will affect Sunday’s staging.

– Following the rollers there is a short section twisting through the tall corn.

Kiddie race, put on by Ted Burger, starts at 2:00 pm

Bike wash station set up near the entrance (for riders finished racing) and exit (in case of very muddy conditions for racers during the race) of the corn field.

– The Corn Chucker (converted water balloon launcher) will be set up near the corn field to shoot at a big Sasquatch lurking in the corn field.

Detours and parking: Maple Ave is closed West of Carpenter Blvd. There will be access to the parking along Maple Ave if you take East Main Street to Lord Ave and turn left. Overflow parking can be had at the school lots off of Cleveland Ave a block or two East of the park.

– The course: Similar to last  year with a few changes.