Photo: Villiage Cycle

– Looks and sounds like everyone had a great time at Jackson Park. The weather was nice, results were quick, and some people even got to pee in a cup. Thanks to xXx Racing for hosting another great event and everyone who came out to race, spectate, and and get back into the CX spirit. Only 9 more weekends to go!

Juniors (and parents) remember the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew has prizes and schwag for everyone so make sure to get back to the podiums after your race!!!

– Up next the CCC heads West to Hopkins Park in Dekalb. Look for the race preview on Thursday, but of course a bunch of info is already up on the static preview page.

– Remember the afternoon of each event a post will go up here on the CCC site for you to post links to your pics and vids on Flickr, Google+, the Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, GeoCities, etc for everyone to see. Also, if you are Tweeting along the way make sure to use each race’s specific #hashtag so anyone not at the race can follow along. We’ll remind everyone in the Thursday previews what those hashtags are, but you can also find them on each event’s static preview page.

Online prereg is now open for all Chicagoland area CX events including Psycho Cross After Dark and the Midwest Regional Championships. The exception is Montrose Harbor which we’re still working on. Just hold tight for a little bit longer.

– Speaking of pre-reg, if you have already reg’d for a lower category and upgraded, need to cancel, or change which race you’re doing for any reason, please contact the promoter of the race through the “Contact Event” link on the race’s BikeReg page. We can always forward your email to them, but its just easier if you contact the promoter directly. Thanks!

2013 CCC Series T-Shirts are on sale now on the store page. Pick one or three up today!

– In conjunction with BelgianWerkx Bicycle StudioBike Science Coaching is pleased to offer up a 25% Tollway Discount for the BelgianWerkx Pumpkin Cross race, October 12 in Grafton, Wisconsin, approximately 15 minutes north of Milwaukee. While the venue remains the same, the course will be more awesome with lots of off camber, a big climb, slaloming descent, gravel and more! Course was designed by My Wife Inc CX team member Patrick Brock with input from MWI team director, Mike Heenan – so you know it’s going to be rad. To access the discount, use the pre-reg in USA Cycling and enter discount code “IL” for 25% off entry fees.

– And finally… Just a reminder that Friday is National Taco Day and October is National Pizza Month… ‘nough said.