Photo: Snowy Mountain

– Aaaaand we’re back… a little catching up to do, so here we go.

– Sorry we missed last week’s Tuesday update, but thanks to Jim Nowak and the entire ABD crew for a great event at Sunrise Park!

– Thanks also to this past weekend’s race promoter Rob Kelley and the guys and gals from Bicycle Heaven. Plenty of great costumes and pics of them down below. Tony Reinks from BBVP won the costume contest for his “A Christmas Story” Leg Lamp costume. Full results including Women 4’s and Juniors are now posted on USAC here. Overall standings are updated and posted here.

– Next up the CCC travels NorthWest to Woodstock for stop 8 of the series, PSI-clocross for Life hosted by PSIMET (say it with us… SIGH-MET). Course preview at the regular time on Thursday.

– For everyone who seems to get a little confused by individual race results vs. overall standings on race day we have added a little color to the overall standings print-outs. Just look for the RED page headings and overall points on the series standings sheets.

– Thanks to everyone who has donated online and/or their race winnings to World Bicycle Relief. We’re slowly but surely raising funds for a truly great cause.

– Remember last seasons UCI New Year’s Resolution race? We’re doing it again this season on 1/5/13 and 1/6/13 so you will have plenty of time to recover from your NYE hangover. Look for more details soon!

– Before NYR the CCC visits the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort (ILR) for our 2nd double weekend 11/10/2012-11/11/2012. So make a weekend of it, book your room now at Indian Lakes Resort. Call 630.529.0200.  Code word “ccc” for room discounts and up to 4 people per room!

– This coming Monday Beverly Bike-VeePack (hosts of the Dan Ryan Woods race) is having an open house for new riders. Find details on the Internet.

– A little sponsor time, Real Estate, PT, and physical wellness edition…

 Building wheels is a craft that requires knowledge and patience. PSIMET’s Rob Curtis knows what he’s doing (he has a heckling megaphone stand for crying out loud), even if it doesn’t seem like it on the CX course (see above left). Learn more about PSIMET custom wheels at 

Verdigris Custom Homes –  Are you in the market for a custom home? Sure aren’t we all? Talk to the green team. “Old World Excellence, Modern Technology, Mindfully Green”

Existing house more your thing? Then talk to Michael Heagney of Koenig & Strey. As a self starter with an ability to wear many hats, his experience in overcoming the hurdles in a challenging market place are second to none. Attributes you want on your side when serving on your behalf as a trusted advisor, skilled negotiator and expert facilitator. Mike also knows a thing or two about racing his bicycle, especially on the CX course.  

Does your body need fixing? HPI is a fully-equipped health and wellness facility. Licensed healthcare professionals are there to help keep you active, healthy and pain-free located within a 24/7 access fitness center. Itʼs your life, donʼt just live, Live Well.   

Suburbs more your location? MNO Sport Chiropractic has Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Alan Stoughton who offers the best in diagnosis and natural treatment of sports injuries in Kane and McHenry Counties.  Insurance accepted, affordable cash plans, evening hours until 7:00 pm.  Call today with any questions–consultations are always free.  Life is a sport, stay in the game with MNO!

Kettle bells, yoga, and metal is your MO? Mr. Cyclocross himself Newt Cole opened Morning Bird Studio this past summer as a private personal training boutique and cycling-specific coaching service, empowering clients with the tools and knowledge to transform into the best version of themselves in an inspiring atmosphere that encourages physical creativity and forward-thinking. Couple that with a few laughs, great music and videos, and you get a typical Morning Bird session.   

Need coaching? TZCoaching based out of Oak Park offers affordable personal training plans for endurance athletes across the country!!! Using strength and conditioning as a foundation, and endurance racing as measurable goals, TZCoaching creates personalized training plans addressing strengths and weaknesses while working with athletes towards their desired goals.  

 Closer to the city Well-Fit Triathlon and Training is the premier coaching company creating world champions and everyday heroes. The foundation of every successful training program is the athlete. The best coaches are experienced guides who begin with the hopes, dreams and desires of the athlete and then tailor a training plan based on the athlete’s current fitness, race schedule and lifestyle.

– And finally… so you think cyclocross is a niche sport?

Photo: Snowy Mountain