Photo: Jason Knauff

– One of the original CCC races, Campton Cross returns for another year hosted by race promoter Rob Kelley and Bicycle Heaven. Being held just a few days before Halloween and ‘cross being the spectacle that it is, we’re looking forward to all the costumes you all bring to the party. Just remember to make sure you can still ride you bicycle (safely), you have sleeves (yeah, its a USAC rule), and wear a helmet.

– Payouts have be increased to a total of $2,760 spread out across the board, including to the Cat 4B’s. Note however that registration still closes down 30 minutes prior to each race.

Activator Bicycle Club will be back again hosting the Kiddie Ride at at 1:45pm. Location TBD but likely close to the registration pavilion.

– Rob Kelley will be the decider of the winner of the costume contest. You must race to win and based on the prize, hopefully you are of legal adult beverage imbibing age.

– Bicycle Heaven will be having first lap primes again.  VeloCity T’s will provide this t-shirt to the winner of each category’s first lap. Mad Alchemy First Lap Hot Leg primes will also be awarded to the Women 4 and Cat 4A fields.

– Campton is one of the “further away from Chicago” venues, so give yourselves plenty of time to get there.

– Campton’s food vendor will again be T-Dogs BBQ Inc. who will have a couple different types of soup, turkey legs and BBQ pork. Rob Kelley tells us “I do not like turkey legs and it’s hard to describe how good the one was that they made for me.  The guy built his own smoker!”

– If you don’t like turkey legs there are plenty of food and caffeine vendors along Randall Rd on the way out, so stock up as there isn’t much food close to the park.

– The weather forecast for Sunday looks dry but much chillier than the week has been so far… so dress accordingly.

– The best spectating area will again be near the kids playground equipment… but as always we’ll let you decide. There is however more than enough legal parking for everyone, and spot-a-pots… so please use both.

Preliminary staging will be posted here.

– The Campton course is very similar to the last three years. Note the position of the staging grid on the NE side of the baseball diamonds. At the start of the race the course goes around the out fields of  the two Northern ball fields before the first hard right turn near the equipment pit. Upon the completion of each lap after passing the finish line and turning left behind the registration pavilion the course turns left back onto the course to continue the laps. Note the equipment pit is a fair distance away from the start, so please pay attention to the time and announcements for staging. As always, the course can change on race day depending on conditions. The course goes anti-clockwise.