Photo: Jason Knauff

– One of the original CCC races, Camption Cross returns for another year hosted by race promoter Rob Kelley and Bicycle Heaven. Being held on Halloween and ‘cross being the spectacle that it is, we’re looking forward to all the costumes you all bring to the party. Just remember to make sure you can still ride you bicycle (safely) and wear a helmet.

– What amazes us all the time is how CCC riders and promoters find ways to keep all the things that work but continue to innovate and raise the bar every weekend, year after year. Bicycle Heaven is bringing back $20 first lap primes for each category for another year (its a gamble to go out so fast, but if you do, you will be rewarded)… but Rob says he also has a little surprise in store for everyone that may “blow your mind“. Unfortunately for all of you we were sworn to secrecy so you’ll just have to come to the race to find out what it is.

– A local 4-H club, the Kane County Fantastics, will be having a bake sale. Support a great cause while eating… or feeding someone else.

– Speaking of great causes, WBR donations have been a little light the past few races and we’re still quite far away from our end of season goal of raising $5,000. Please donate anything you can when reg’ing for future races… it may be cliché, but every little bit does help.

– Campton is one of the “further away from Chicago” venues, so give yourselves plenty of time to get there. There are plenty of food and caffeine vendors along Randall Rd on the way out, so stock up as there isn’t much food close to the park.

– We’ve had some rain, and more to the point wind this week, but the weather forecast for Sunday looks like another fabulous day for a CX race.

– The best spectating area will again be near the kids playground equipment… but as always we’ll let you decide. There is however more than enough legal parking for everyone, and spot-a-pots… so please use both.

– In addition to call-ups for anyone in costume, Rob Kelly and crew will have a best costume contest with prizes TBD. Lest we forget there were more than a few gems last year, but we’re sure a few of you can top them this year!

– The Campton course will for a 3rd year be nearly identical to the last two year’s.  As always, the course can change on race day depending on conditions. The course goes anti-clockwise.