– First up, this Sunday is the xXx Racing CX Relay race. Remember pre-reg (which closes at 11:45pm on Thursday) is always easier on everyone… so get yourself over to BikeReg.com. Also, be sure to read the xXx’s non-denominational race bible for all the specific rules that apply to this unique event. We know of a few Cat 4’s still looking for buddies to high five, so if you need a partner, email us or leave your request in the comments below.

– Before we get started racing however… let’s review a few rules of engagement. Yes, we’re all racing, yes many of us are aggressive, yes you will fall down, yes the officials might not get your placing correct, and yes tempers might flair here and there… but remember first and foremost we’re all out there to have some fun and enjoy each other’s company. So please smile, have a lot of fun, and enjoy this precious time we have together.

– For those of you who would rather not start off the season in your chamois… clear your calendars because we’re having a 2010 CCC kick-off party at Iron Cycles on Saturday September 11th. We’ll have some adult beverages (and stuff for the kiddies too) and food while we hang out and chat about the impending fun to come.

– Hello there… remember me? Details about the 2010 CCC series t-shirt contest will be posted later this week… so start getting your designs cleaned up. We’ll run the contest with similar rules as last year and the shirts will be printed and distributed by our good friends over at REKLAIM apparel. Check out last year’s submissions here.

– Speaking of orange… series sponsor Tati Cycles is running a promo for CCC racers at the shop. $500 for a pair of handbuilt tubular wheels and properly glued tires (Challenge Fango/Grifo/Grifo XSs). Tati loves the exotic stuff as much as anyone, but if you’re looking for some workaday hoops, basic=better!

– Someone asked us the other day what this year’s CCC theme would be. We didn’t have a good answer. Then later that night while starting up iTunes we realized the CCC did not yet have good theme music. We got a little PA for the start line this year (yes there are that many of you and no the bullhorn is not going away) where we can play some tunes at each race while you all go around in circles. We have plenty of music but not enough time to comb through it all… so we’re now accepting requests. In the comments below let us know what you’d like to hear, assuming you don’t have sand in your ears. As always, please keep it clean, we won’t play music with foul language.

– And finally… Many of you are racing cross for the first time this year… and many of you have been racing for a few years… but have you ever wondered what the CCC looked like waaaay back when it started in 2004? Original series promoter Joe Doyle reminds us of our humble beginnings here when there were only 4 races on the calendar, categories were letters, juniors paid to race, Jason Meshberg & Joel Feinberg actually raced, and there apparently were no cowbells or bacon.