Final round up of series sponsors. If you’d still like to be involved we always have room for one more, but please hurry!

Iron Cycles – We at the CCC are pleased to announce our first ever series Title Sponsor. Brandon and the folks over at Iron Cycles have stepped up in a major way to sponsor the entire series from start to finish and the CCC is excited to be partnering with yet another great local bike shop. Follow Iron Cycles on Facebook, their blog, stop by their tent at any CCC race, or swing by the shop itself at 3134-3136 W. Montrose Ave Chicago, IL 60618 and say hello.
RoadID – The name says ‘Road’, but the IDs still works on grass, dirt, and sand.
– SockGuy – Keeping your tootsies stylish and comfy.
Verizon Cycling Team – Young guys, old guys, it doesn’t matter… the Verizon squad rips legs off at will, and then tweet about it on “the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless network.”
REKLAIM Apparel – Organic, Repurposed, Upcycled clothing and gear. –  Simple, easy online bicycle race registration. You can register for all 12 CCC races on… just add this address to your favorites and look for the CCC logo.

– Some of our race promoters have been working ultra hard to secure extra merchandise and product above and beyond the standard CCC payout for their races. However, they don’t want to hold on to this stuff forever, and we don’t want it in the trunks of our cars. So make sure to check the flyers for each race because you (or a designated  teammate) must be present to win. Otherwise your winnings will be offered as handups at the next race.

– In thinking about what we missed in last year’s CCC one thought kept popping up in our minds…  all of you were working overtime for your placings but we at the CCC didn’t recognize those achievement until later that evening online. So this year we’re making it a priority to hold podium presentations for the top 3 finishers immediately after each race. If you finish in the top 3 in your race, don’t go to your car, don’t head to the beer tent, don’t go kiss your girlfriend, definitely don’t go kiss someone else’s girlfriend (unless they’re into that sort of thing), don’t go eat dear jerky, and don’t jump in the back of the Cuttin’ Cruiser to… well, whatever it is they do in the back of the Cuttin’ Cruiser. Don’t worry, in colder months we’ll have something to keep you warmPlease head immediately to the podiums (probably somewhere near the start/finish line… you’ll see them) where you can bask in the glory of all your admirers and stand on a step. We won’t start the next race until the podiums are done from the prior race… so please help us stay on schedule.

– We know almost all of you race every weekend anyway, and most categories are decided in the last one or two races, plus we’re not sure why you wouldn’t want to race all 12 races anyway… but just in case, we’re making a slight change to the series rules for 2010. Starting this year you must race at least half of the series (6 races) to win the overall.

CX Clinic with Jeremy Powers and Randy Warren was a hit this past Sunday. The weather might have been completely un-cross-like, but a few lucky souls got to learn from the best. Check out the photos below from the morning session and more from Liz Farina Markel at Tipping Point here.

– We know you keep looking for it, and registration for Jackson Park (and all other races) will open soon on BikeReg. We’ll post here and on our twitter feed as soon as it is.

– Registration is however already open for the xXx Racing Relay Race. We know of several people looking for partners, so if you’re looking for a buddy too let everyone know in the comments below.

– And finally… The weather seems to almost be turning to Autumn and everyone is itching to get racing. We may have heard of a few CX practice that may have started popping up around town where people may have been riding on grass, dirt, etc, etc. Please remember that if you are using public spaces to respect everyone and everything out there… other people (yes, even those people on rollerblades) have just as much right to use our public parks as we do. So be kind, say hello and wave. You never know… you just might introduce someone new to CX!