– More new Series Sponsors!
Avid – A division of locally headquartered SRAM Corporation… new this year Shorty Ultimate brakes!
Rapid Transit Cycleshop – Bikes, service, and a fleet of Kona’s in Wicker Park/Bucktown.
Spin Doctor Cyclewerks – Bikes and service in Bartett… home of the original “Heckle Hill”
Tati Cycles – One offs, customs, rare vintages… if you can’t find it anywhere else, Tati has it in stock, today. Tati is also starting up a junior CX team.

– There’s still time and space to register for this Sunday’s IIT Cyclocross Clinic with Jeremy Powers & Randy Warren. We’ll be there to pick up a few tips ourselves and look forward to seeing everyone.

– If you are switching teams for the CX season or looking for an upgrade make sure to get that process started soon. License upgrades and team names are handled through USA Cycling on your ‘My USA Cycling’ page. But make sure to update your BikeReg profile as well.

Registration for CCC races will be opening up soon on BikeReg. Look for updates here and on our Twitter feed. Remember you can always see who’s pre-reg’d for each race by checking out the ‘Confirmed Riders’ link on each race’s reg page. Like last year we’ll call up the top 10 riders in each category before the start of each race. We know you’re probably wondering, “How will you do this at Jackson Park since its the first race of the series?” You’ll have to wait and see, but we’ll have a special call up procedure on September 19th based on who pre registers.

– Speaking of… look who’s matched up together at the xXx Racing Relay Race. We aren’t betting people, but if we were, we’d be looking for Cat 1/2/3 state champ Scott McLaughlin and Mike Hemme of  the composite team SRAM/Courage to set a blistering pace at the front of the Cat 1/2/3 field. Are you looking for a buddy to high five? Post your request in the comments section below and we’ll see if we can play match-maker.

– For those of you recovering roadies that slipped and found yourselves on the sidelines at the Grayslake Cycling Classic this past Saturday, you were treated to a show during the kids races just before the P/1/2 race. Below we see 6 year old Peter Swinand giving his best Cavendish post-up impression at the end of the 5-6 year old category. We can’t wait until he’s old enough to race in the CCC… but in the meantime Peter’s dad Paul will be hosting kids cyclocross introductions/training on Friday evenings in September in Evanston.  If you’re interested in getting your kids hooked on CX too, check out the Facebook site “beginning cycling or contact Paul here.

Swinand Post Up
Photo by Andrew Rizzo

–  The US Gran Prix of Cyclocross has a new video. Check it out here. Registration for the Planet Bike Cup in Sun Prairie, WI is open NOW!

– And finally… racers always ask us lots of questions before, during, and after races. Things like “What tire pressure should I run?”, “What side does my number go on?”, Where’s the start line?”, “How much further?”, and “How much embro should I apply directly to my chamois?”. Note… DO NOT put embro anywhere near your chamois! But we here at the CCC have a few nagging questions of our own that have been stewing in the backs of our minds for a while now… things like:
– Will Flannel Mike where spandex this year?
– Can anyone challenge The Pony Shop juggernaut in the team competition?
– Can anyone pry the Cat 1/2/3 cowbell from Scott McLaughlin‘s hands?
– Does Wayne Simon really have small motors inside his bike?
– If gravel is the new dirt, and white is the new black, then what will the new bacon be?

We can’t wait to find out the answers this year (okay we already knew Wayne had motors surgically implanted in his legs long ago) and we hope you’ll help us… in just 4 weeks!