If you’re on Facebook you may have read some rumors about the pending delivery of the CCC coffee table book… but here it is straight from the horses’ editors’ mouths.

“Liz Farina Markel got her hands on a hard copy of the 2009 ChiCrossCup photo book. It’s totally hot thanks to Luke Seemann‘s mad crazy design skills, and it’s got pics of some of my favorite riders. We should have books in hand for pre-orders soon!!!!! :o)”

“If anyone wants to sneak in on the pre-order, we’re happy to have you, but you’ll need to do it by tonight (Monday).
Paypal me at luke@seemann.com: $45 for soft cover, $62 for hardcover. (Doing it this way saves you shipping, but you’ll have to pick up at Pony Shop.)
And David Dokko won the bacon. More deets at http://chicrossphoto.com/

Congrats to David on his 2nd off course win of the year. Mr. Dokko was of course the first person to have himself photographed in front of the CCC’s billboard (which is still up btw) and won himself a call-up at Woodstock.

And big, big thanks again to the ChiCross Photo Collective of Liz Farina Markel, Luke Seemann, and Chip Williams for putting together this memorable documentation of the 2009 season! You can reach them all at chicrossphotocollective@gmail.com.