Lots of Nationals videos all over the place. CyclingDirt and CXMagazine have a bunch and a simple search on YouTube brings up more than a few… so we won’t embed any here.

Also, this was forwarded to us as a great way to waste plenty of holiday hours.

But this time of year is truly the season of giving. We recently announced we’ll be donating $3,400 to World Bicycle Relief thanks to all of you that made donations and bought t-shirts. That’s enough for over 50 bikes. So many of you are probably wondering where all of the those bikes go and who actually rides them? The video below is a small example of how the children of Zambia share their thanks with us and everyone else who donates to WBR. There are many more great WBR videos here and here. Thanks again to everyone who helped out this year and have a great holiday season no matter where or how you spend it!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1RTmvQ_QT8