Montrose promoter Chuck Judy asked us to share the note below with all of you. Also, if you were in the money in the expanded prize list and didn’t pick up your reward, please contact Chris Mailing at Turin ( or 847.864.7660 x 16).

To all Montrose Illinois State Championship Racers and Participants

On behalf of Turin Bicycling Society as this year’s promoter of the Illinois Cyclocross Championships, I would like thank everyone whom helped make this race a wonderful success. This includes, The Chicago Cyclocross Cup for having an great series of events and providing me with their guidance through the race promotion process; Our sponsors whom came forward with their generous support; The Officials for running the races; The Volunteers who helped in every aspect of this event, to which no race could be possible without. The Spectators for your fantastic support and enthusiasm. Special thanks to you the Racers whom came out and gave it your all. What more can we say, its all for you!

I am also grateful to the clubs and individuals whom pitched-in helping us with the course breakdown and park clean up. Although not without a trace, we did tread lightly and the park looked better than I could have imagined. This goes along way in securing this park and other Chicago Parks for the sport of Cyclocross in coming years.

I’m not quite certain how Jason and the rest of the CCC gang do this week after week. I was exhausted in the end but this truly was a rewarding experience. I learned a great deal and received loads of appreciation and encouraging feedback on the race. I look forward to continuing my efforts with the Turin Bicycling Society to make this event even better in 2010.

Thank you all,
Chuck Judy
Turin Bicycling Society

ICC Committee:
Anne Barnes
Matt Hollihan
EJ Lenzi
Chris Mailing
Alex Randhava
Meredith Shull
George Vargas