Back again for 2009 Chris Henning, the Garner Northbrook Bike Club, and Flatlandia bring many riders’ favorite course from 2008 back to the CCC. Sorry for the big post with all the rules, but they are all very important, so please read this entire post if you plan on racing at Northbrook.

Chris Henning spent more time over the last few months than anyone can imagine to get the Northbrook venue back this year… please abide by his wishes so we can all come back and race again next year! The Park District Board and Executives will be at the race throughout the day so please let’s knock them over- with feathers. ; )

  • We’ve had great weather all week, so as of right now the race is still a go. Check back tomorrow (Saturday) for any last minute updates… but as of right now the race is on!
  • The first thing you’ll notice about this year’s course (below) is that it is completely different from last year. Part of the Park District’s stipulations to be able to hold the race at this venue was that we were not allowed to use the sled hills. Yes, we’re really bummed too… but its better to have a course with no sled hill run-ups then no course at all. The course goes clockwise.
  • Remember the Jane Addams Hull House Association in Chicago will also be at the race accepting bicycle donations. Bikes collected are rewarded to young students for their commitment and achievements in school. Find more details at
  • Food and drinks will be available on site. Stewart’s Coffee will be there with a java wagon (free coffee!) and Sunset Foods is bringing their popcorn truck and a grill.
  • George Garner Cyclery will have a tent at the race providing free neutral support… swing be and say hi to George and his crew. Rhythm Racing will still be at the race providing support as well. Rich Delgado will be on hand giving out free samples of GU Energy Gels.
  • There is a kids playground near the tennis courts (please DO NOT leave your children unattended). Also, fishing is allowed in the nearby lakes! Have fun with that one.
  • Very important… No alcohol or open fires in the Park or on the Camp ground. We know many of you enjoy a nice well earned brew and roasting a pig over an open flame after a hard fought CX battle with your mates… but please leave the PBR and Old Style at home this weekend. Again, this is a specific request from Chris Henning as we don’t want to jeopardize holding the race here again next year. Thanks. For future races though, you may want to keep your hands warm.
  • Courtesy of Kalas Clothing, the winner of the 1st lap of each race will receive $20. Also, all Juniors will be get prizes.
  • Note that the main parking lot (yellow below) is on the other side of the athletic fields from registration and the start/finish. You all did a great job at Bartlett with that parking situation and we’re expecting great things from you again this weekend. Please be mindful of the parking map below, posted signs at the race, and residents who live in the area. There will be volunteers wearing orange/yellow vests who will help direct you to available parking.  If you park at the Jr. high, ride south on the sidewalk in front of the school to Walters, then ride west on Walters to registration. Yes, this means DO NOT ride across the athletic fields or those nice people’s backyards.
  • There are also a limited number of spot along the access road a little closer to the reg/start/finish area. Feel free to park here, but when the spots are gone… they’re gone. Please DO NOT double park, park on the grass, do stupid things, etc.
  • Also note the Red NO PARKING areas. As you might expect… DO NOT park in these areas.
  • Please DO NOT warm up on the park paths. There will be local residents using these paths and we don’t anyone’s Shiitzu getting run over. Chris suggests Walters Ave or East of Sanders Rd for warm-ups. Watch for cars though and make sure to be on time for your race’s start. The CCC always starts on time.
  • Don’t have a car? Want to keep your carbon emissions low? The Northbrook course is about a 15 minute bike ride from the Northbrook Station Metra stop on the Metra/Milwaukee District North line. Bring your train ticket and Chris will reimburse you the cost of your ticket. Find schedules here and a map here. Up to 9 bikes are allowed on a train… Make it a party with your buds.
  • Don’t forget to order your t-shirts. All proceeds go to WBR and to help the CCC pay for new equipment, etc. We also added a new “Women’s Cut” category for the ladies. If you’d like one or many women’s cut t-shirts… simply pay for them on BikeReg and then email us what sizes and colors you’d like. Shirts ordered by tonight on BikeReg should be available at Indian Lakes. Please pre-order your shirts as this helps us with our inventory.
  • Finally, a big, big thanks to everyone who donated money to WBR directly. From this race alone we’ve raised $134.50! That’s enough for one whole bike!

Below is and estimate of how the course will run on Sunday. As always, the course is subject to change depending on weather and ground conditions. The wheel pit as labeled above will also likely be next to the start/finish line… probably in the tennis courts.