– Another big thanks to Rob Kelley and Bicycle Heaven for hosting yet another great CCC race in 2009.

– Next up… Northbrook. Promoter Chris Henning reminds us there is a still a chance the race could be cancelled at the last minute due to weather and course conditions… so keep you eyes glued to this site. We’ll post information as soon as it is available. That being said, the forecast looks great for the rest of the week… so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

– Two more points concerning Northbrook… First, there are instructions concerning parking here on the BikeReg page. See the map here. Second, remember the Jane Addams Hull House Association in Chicago will also be at the Northbrook race accepting bicycle donations. Bikes collected are rewarded to young students for their commitment and achievements in school. Find more details at www.gopedalpower.com.

– Dr. James Kearns is still looking for volunteers to help set up his course in Woodstock the morning of the race. Volunteers race all day for $10. The Doctor needs people to show up at 7am on Sunday November 22nd and help set up the course. If you’re interested and can commit to being there on time and helping, please email the Doctor your email address and mobile # at drkearns@painfree101.com.

– Hey, did you hear we have a t-shirt design winner? Congrats to Joe Kallo from Team TATI for the winning design. Make sure to heckle him extra loud in the 30+ races for the rest of the season. T’s are on sale now on BikeReg for $20… please see our previous post about color options.

– Think the CCC is just all about fast old guys and bacon wrapped dollar bill hands ups? We at the CCC believe in giving back to our communities and are announcing a new initiative to give back even more. If you haven’t seen it already there is a World Bicycle Relief donation area at the bottom of each race’s BikeReg page. Without even mentioning this donation section in the past many of you have already donated $126.40 to WBR (thank you!)… but the CCC wants to do more. Our goal is to raise at least $1,000 by the end of the season for WBR. The way we see it, at ~300 pre-reg riders per race that’s less than $1 per pre-reg’d racer. We know money is tight for everyone these days… but when you’re riding around on >$1K cross bikes, often with extra wheels or another complete bike in the pit… its hard to argue you don’t have an extra $1 per race stuck in the cushions of your couch. Please help where and if you can… you might just get a call up.

– In a similar note, Main Street Bicycles and the North Branch Cycling Club donated $1,000.00 from the Carpentersville Park race proceeds to the Carpentersville Rotary Club, which in turn supports the local FISH food pantry, Boys & Girls Club, and COATS – a program that distributes new winter jackets to impoverished children.

Mud got you down? xXx’er Newt Cole lets us in on a great deal over at Johnny Sprockets. $40 Tune-ups and $120 overhauls. Overhauls include new cables, housing, bar tape, complete tear down, cleaning, rebuild, and tune-up of your entire bike. Just bring in a CCC race number or other proof that You Did It in The Dirt to receive the discount.

– Wondering what all the fast kids are doing to stay in tip-top CX fitness and get ready for a race? Here’s a  few ideas on training and warming up. Ride safely.

– Still have money left over? Independent Fabrications is having a raffle for a wicked custom ride. Check out details here.