Very, very, very important announcement!

The CCC schedule is changing.

Due to the increase in riders this year (>30% from 2008) the CCC Directors and Promoters have decided to split up the morning races to give riders more space and make it easier for the officials to score. The 40+ race will start alone at 9:30am, the 30+ and 50+ races will start together at 10:30am, and the Women 1/2/3 and Men 3+ will start together at 11:30am (the women starting first). This change will also push all other races back 30 minutes… so the Women 4/Juniors will start at 12:30pm, etc. Please let your friends/family/bikes/pets/drinking buddies/in-laws know and plan accordingly. The updated race schedule can also be found on the schedule page.

A few notes on the change:

  • Yes, you read correctly… the Women 1/2/3 are starting in front of the Cat 3’s. The top women are just as fast as the top Cat 3’s and its slightly unfair to make them race through the back of the Cat 3 field. Since the Women’s field is smaller the top Cat 3’s shouldn’t have any trouble working their way through the back of the women’s field. Cat 3’s, please DO NOT line up in front of the women on the start line.
  • We decided NOT to make the schedule change at Dekalb since its a little further of a drive and we wanted to let all of you masters get your beauty sleep. ; )
  • We realize the schedule change make inconvenience some of you, but no field is changing by more than 30 minutes either way. If this truly messes up your day, please let us know and we’ll work something out.